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Raiden was voiced by Midway employee Jon Hey in the first two games. He became well known for yelling randomly while performing his "Torpedo" move (aka "the Superman move"). Fans originally believed that he was yelling in Japanese, while others believed it to be mangled English phrases such as "Your momma's from LA", or "Get back in the car". Tobias revealed that Raiden was merely speaking gibberish and not actual Japanese, as it was originally intended.

Direct to garment, on demand printed. Machine wash cold and line dry. Please confirm your size in the info below before ordering. All sales are final.

• Fabric weight: 6.5 oz/yd² (220 g/m²)
• Regular fit

Measurements are approximate, allow .25" for tolerance. Dimensions are inches.
Small (W: 18" L: "29.5)
Medium (W: 20" L: 30.5")
Large (W: 22" L: 31.5")
XL (W: 24" L: 32.5")
XXL (W: 26" L: 33.5")
3XL (W: 28" L: 34.5")

Image of God of Thunder Image of God of Thunder